Aasha Jyothi Projects

Special School for Children with Disabilities

"The special school offers rehabilitation services to children with hearing impairment, developmental, intellectual and multiple disabilities. Different approaches to offer rehabilitation services to the disabled are adopted by the organization which include, Centre Based Training, Home Based Training and Community Based Rehabilitation programs. The Special School provides therapeutic intervention to the special children including Speech and Language Intervention, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Special Education programmes. There are 40 children with hearing impairment who are being trained by Special Educators in pursuing their education (regular syllabus). The remaining 24 children include children with mental retardation and children with multiple disabilities. These children have separate sections for their training.
The special school offers both Day Care and Residential facilities. There are 40 children who are day scholars while the remaining 20 are availing residential facility offered by the organization.

• Multidisciplinary team providing Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services.
• Individualized as well as group training programs by specially qualified teachers.
• Yoga Therapy
• Music and Dance Therapy.
• Pre-vocational and Vocational training.
• Home Based and Centre Based Training.
• Recreation facilities.
• Parent Counseling and Guidance.
• Family Counseling Intervention Services.
• Training Centre for National and International students.
• Community Based Rehabilitation programmes.
• Day Care and Residential facility.
• Free Aids, Appliances and medicines.
• Awareness and Rehabilitation programmes in rural areas.
• Conveyance.

Aasha Jyothi Centre has a full fledged department of Physiotherapy providing assessment and intervention programs to children with Motor Problems. The department caters to the needs of children with:
• Developmental Delay
• Neuro Developmental Disorders (Cerebral Palsy etc)
• Obesity
The following services are offered at the department:
1. Exercise Therapy
2. Electro Therapy
3. Providing assistive devices to children and adults (walkers, wheel chairs, splints, etc)

The centre has a separate department for Speech Pathology and Audiology. The department offers assessment and intervention programs for children with Hearing Impairment , Mental Retardation, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Multiple Disability and Autism. Children with problem in communication, speech and language are provided Intervention services by the department to improve their communication and socialization skills.

This is a special room at the centre offering Multi-Sensory Training to children with different types impairment and disabilities. Snoezelen or controlled multisensory stimulation is used for people with mental disabilities, and involves exposing them to a soothing and stimulating environment, the "snoezelen room". These rooms are specially designed to deliver stimuli to various senses, using lighting effects, color, sounds, music, scents, etc.

Community Based Rehabilitation Programs

Aasha Jyothi Welfare Association works towards meeting the needs of children and adults with disability residing in Semi Urban, Urban and Rural areas. Through the Community Based Rehabilitation Program the organization tries to reach out to the disabled population and their families in rural areas.

In this way apart from the 64 children availing regular rehabilitation services on a daily basis the institute reaches out to hundreds of children and adults with disability in the community. The focus is not only the individual with disability but efforts are made to strengthen the families of the disabled through income generation and training programs. The emphasis is on sensitizing the entire community, involving key stakeholders to take collective responsibility for the full participation of people with disabilities in all areas of social life.

Aasha Jyothi Vocational Training Centre

The Centre offers qualitative Vocational Rehabilitation services to adults with Disability. It offers training opportunities in several trades like Tailoring and Embroidery, Computer Education and Training and paper Plate Making to obtain gainful employment. The centre provide training to the adults with disability enabling them to lead a healthy life of personal, social and economic independence by providing them the needed vocational training. This would enable their integration into the society thus helping them lead a dignified life.. The focus is on bringing about a positive change in the society by creating awareness, and changing attitudes and beliefs about people with disability.

Currently we have 67 enrollments which include the following:

Computer Education: 17
Paper Plate Making: 10
Embroidery: 20
Tailoring: 20
A maximum of 20 adults are enrolled in each training Unit.

Aasha Jyothi Special School - VIZAG

Aasha Jyothi Welfare Association for the Disabled has established a special school in Vizag. This school works for the rehabilitation of children with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The school has a Multidisciplinary team which looks into the specialized needs of these children. The children attending the school are predominantly tribals. Apart from offering Centre based Training the school offers Home Based Training options for those children who are not able to reach the school.