About Us

• ASHA JYOTHI WELFARE ASSOCIATION FOR THE DISABLED is a registered, non-profit making voluntary organization actively working to promote the welfare and interest of disabled children and adults. “Impossible is Possible” is the motto of the organization.


AASHA JYOTHI WELFARE ASSOCIATION FOR THE DISABLED was established in the year 1997 with a motive of providing educational and vocational opportunities for the disabled to make them self-dependent and productive members of the society. The main thrusts of the society are to establish Schools for Disabled Children, provide opportunities for formal and non-formal education, forming of Parents Associations for the disabled, Emergency Relief Programs, Child Labour schools, Micro Credit programme and Community Based Rehabilitation Programs.

The organization has been working for the empowerment of the disabled through education and training. The organization strongly believes that with love and patience nothing is impossible.

We thank all the parents, staff, our well-wishers in India and abroad and all the Philanthropists who have been assisting and supporting us in moving towards our goal. We thank the Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and State Department of Social Welfare for enabling us to reach out and strengthen the skills of the children and adults with disability.

The Aasha Jyothi Association for the Welfare of the Disabled is gradually moving ahead in the direction of creating an Inclusive society for the disabled. We wish to create a society where all persons with disabilities are accepted equally, viewed as valuable, given job opportunities and have increased participation in all fields. We want a shift in focus. From being viewed as disabled we ultimately want them to be viewed as “Differentially abled”.                  - K. MARY

Our Vision

• “We envision an environment where the disabled enjoy the same rights as all other citizens”

Our Mission

• “Integration of the neglected children into the society”

Objectives of the School

1. To secure for the mentally retarded, the benefit of care, treatment, education, training fitting their abilities and to develop statutory and voluntary effort on their behalf.

2. To assist societies and organizations conducting special educational and special training and employment programmes for the disabled.

3. To prepare disabled children for domestic skills, vocational training and integration into the community.

4. To carry out rehabilitation programmes for all groups of person with disabilities. Such programmes will be based on the actual individual needs of persons with disability and on the principles of full participation and equality.

School strength and functioning

The Aasha Jyothi Association for the Welfare of the Disabled has been functioning in the Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh at a place called Miryalguda since the year 1997. It has been catering to the specialized needs of children with hearing impairment, mental retardation and multiple disabilities. The area basically is a small town and is the only schools renderings services to the disabled. The Present school strength is 60. Out of 64 students 20 are hostilities and 40 are day scholars.

Total School Strength 60
Students staying at the hostel 20
Students who are day scholars 40
Students with Mental Retardation 44
Students with Multiple Disability 26

The Special School provides therapeutic intervention to the special children which include Speech and Language Intervention, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Special Education programmes. Children with hearing impairment who are being trained by Special Educators in pursuing their education (regular syllabus) with the help of specially trained educators. The remaining children with mental retardation and children with multiple disabilities. These children have separate sections for their training.